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Dyno 11,000

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Large Engine Dynos


Dyno 11000 Power Absorbtion Unit





8,000+ HP

Power Absorption Unit




  • Water Break with 24" OD Steel Billet Rotor
  • 5" Diameter Main Shaft
  • 110v Load and Unload Valves
  • 2 Bearing supports each with 4 large ball bearing sets
  • 1 Steel Powder Coated Royal Blue Stand
  • Technical Support


10,000 RPM Inc. of Lancaster, CA. is manufacturing large hydraulic power engine dynamometer power absorption units. The Dyno 11,000 features a closed loop system with 100% repeatability, with every pull. This closed loop system offers more consistent loads by reusing the same load water that is then cooled by a heat exchanger.

10,000 RPM Inc. Dyno 11,000 is 24" OD with a 19.2" steel billet rotor 6" wide. This dyno absorption unit can handle loads from

Dyno graph

100-6,000+ HP and is easily capable of holding back 11,000+ ft/lbs of torque. The Dyno 11,000 water brake style engine dynamometer has it's best torque holding capacity at 1,250 - 3,500 rpm. For setting up a large engine dynamometer to run high rpm / high horsepower engines you need a dynamometer to run at 1/4 engine speed for repeatability and large horsepower capacity. If the engine is running at 9,000 rpm the dyno is only turning 2,250 rpm. It's always a good idea to have extra horsepower capacity on the dyno.

With the year 2010 and beyond the horsepower requirements for all types of racing will be higher and higher and with more rpm. Dyno's that run at engine speed have become obsolete for high rpm R&D. If you are boiling the water in your dyno, you know what we mean. The small engine dyno's on the market run at engine speed and this will make the water boil over the tips of the water wheel, and cavitate at high rpm. When running the water wheel at engine RPM you lose accuracy repeatability and torque holding capacity.

10,000 RPM's Dyno 11,000 has been the reseach and development test facility for many high horsepower nitromethane and nitrous racing teams.  Crew chief Dale Armstrong made possible the first 300mph pass in Gainsville, Florida in 1991 right after tuning on our dynamometer.  More recently Bob Gilbertson set both ends of the IHRA National record for the Nitro Funny Car class.  Check out the rest of the pictures in our customer gallery!

Gilbertson Dyno Testing


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