10.5" Stock Appearing Clutch and Flywheel Assembly


#9311 - Complete Stock Appearing Clutch and Flywheel Assembly

Your Winning Edge

A complete single disk 10 1/2" clutch and flywheel package as light as 22.5 Lbs INCLUDING COVER! Includes a steel billet flywheel in your choice of weights; 9, 13, 14, 15, or 20 Lbs Available for Chevy, Ford, Dodge V8's. Counterweighted flywheels for 87 and up Chevrolet crate motors only 10 Lbs. For other applications please see our custom products. When ordering please have your spline size and ring gear teeth # so you can get the right part the first time. Also available with KEVLAR disk facing upgrade.  Aluminum driveplates optional at no additional cost.