7.5" or 8.5" Single Disk Stock Appearing Assembly


10,000 RPM, Inc. is the Leader in Liteweight Clutches and Billet Flywheels for all your Mini Stock Racing Clutch needs.

#0511ST 7.5" Lightweight Stock Appearing  Clutch and Billet Flywheel Assembly for 2000/2300 Ford or 2.5L GM/Pontiac Iron Duke (153T or 142T ring gear). Dodge 2.2L Complete weight 12 lbs and up

#5511ST 7.5" Lightweight Stock Appearing Clutch and Flywheel Assembly for Toyota 2TC, 3TC, Toyota 20-22R, 2.6L Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Mazda  Starting at 14 lbs. up

2000/2300 Ford Steel Billet Flywheels available in 6.5, 9, 13, 14, and 15 lbs from stock. Other applications approx. 8 lbs and up. The Stock Clutch Cover/Pressure Plate is modified with new heavy duty spring and steel billet pressure plate manufactured in house at our Lancaster, CA facility.  Cover weighs only 5 Lbs, stock units weigh 8 pounds and up!
Don't be fooled by imitators that use the old cast iron pressure plate and heavy components.  10000 RPM clutches are built for racing.

Inquire for other applications.