Why Not Run A More Competitive Flywheel


10,000 RPM takes pride in their years of knowledge in engineering and metal moving to obtain the lightest clutches and flywheels for your racing team. Thousands or racing teams all over the world have told 10,000 RPM that their winning success have been easier to obtain with 10,000 RPM Liteweight Clutches and Flywheels. 10,000 RPM has been recognized by the speed industry as the Leader in Liteweight Flywheels.

10,000RPM offer a complete line of Steel Billet Racing Flywheels for your Racing application. Stock flywheels are heavier on the outside where you don’t want the weight, and turning down a Stock Cast Iron flywheel is very dangerous. Aluminum flywheels made by other manufacturers are not as light as 10,000 RPM Steel Billet Flywheels.

10,000 RPM offers 10.5” & 9 1/8” GM, Ford and Mopar V8 Steel Billet Flywheels. Also 8.5” & 7.5” 4 Cylinder Steel Billet Flywheels are availiable for your Racing applications. GM, Ford, and Mopar flywheels starting at 9 ½ - 13 – 15 lbs &20 lbs, 2000/2300 Fords at 6 lbs. Toyota 20 – 22R and 2 – 3TC weigh 7 ½ lbs., and Mitsubushi 2.6L Flywheels are 8 ½ lbs. Also 87 UP Chevy Steel Billet Flywheels with either a Factory Counter Balance or Neutral Balance weighs only 9 ½ lbs.

With technology of their CNC machinery 10,000 RPM manufactures the lightest weight clutches and flywheels for the racing industry. Leading Edge Aerospace designs and lightweight technology are found in racing and we are located right at the center of the Aerospace Capital of the world.