Dodge Daytona 2.2L


NEW 2.2L Dodge Daytona 6 & 8 Bolt Crank


2.2L Dodge Daytona Clutch & FlywheelDodge Daytona 2.2L Clutch & Flywheel Spread Out

10,000 RPM, Inc. now has available a Small Diameter Ultra Lite Multi Disc Clutch and Flywheel Assembly for the Dodge Daytona 2.2L in both 6 and 8 bolt crank applications. 10,000 RPM’s Dodge 2.2L clutch and flywheel assembly weighs only 10lbs complete and is a tremendous weight savings compared to a stock unit.

10,000 RPM 2 disc complete assembly uses 6.2” dia. discs the setup uses 1 Space-Age Kevlar lining and the 2nd disc uses the conventional lining. The assembly is extremely light weight and has more drivability than any competitors mini clutch. Other manufacturers clutch assemblies are like a light switch; either on or off with minimal drivability. A lighter clutch and flywheel assembly will not only give you quicker lap times but will also give you quicker times in the corners. A Heavy clutch and flywheel assembly acts like a Gyro (it resists the race car turning into a corner). A lighter clutch and flywheel assembly that will allow the car to go deeper into the corners(faster slow down) with less resistance to turning in.

10,000 RPM Ultra Lite Clutch and Flywheel Assemblies are a durable design to meet racing stresses and require less maintenance than competitor’s assemblies. All 10,000 RPM clutch and flywheel assemblies are Factory rebuildable at a far less of a cost than purchasing a new assembly. 10,000 RPM strives hard to update and improve their racing products so our tech's suggest that after one complete racing season the complete assembly should be sent in and inspected then can be updated to the newest and lightest available designs at a fraction of the cost of new.

Racing teams that have these assemblies report back to us that they’re the one best improvement in their racing performance. Not only improvement off the corners but around corners also. Call us for more information (661) 942-1312.