9013 - 5.5, 6.5" Triple Disk #1 Lite Package


9013 triple disk clutch assembly

9013 Triple Disk Clutch Package (Shipped assembled as shown)

The lightest triple disk at 12.5 Lbs INCLUDING FLYWHEEL, the compact 5.5 triple plate design provides the strength you need with lower moment of inertia. This allows faster shifts and quicker engine acceleration and braking. The result; FASTER LAP TIMES. Slotted cover design keeps the clutch assembly cooler due to improved air transfer. Superior driveability versus other mini clutches. Available as 5.5" assembly (6.2" disks) or 6.5" assembly (7.25" disks). Available from stock for all GM including 4 & 6 Cyl, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota 2&3TC, Nissan, Subaru, from stock. If your engine is not listed call us, we can custom make it for you.

Titanium pressure plate upgrade available by special order only, call for details.