10.5" Drag Racing Assembly


9311D - 10 1/2" Drag Racing Clutch and Flywheel Package.

Get the Jump on your Competition with Quicker Reaction Times


Introducing the #9311D Clutch and Flywheel Assembly from 10,000 RPM. This clutch assembly features a CNC Billet Steel Liteweight flywheel, pressure plate, and liteweight steel billet disk with KEVLAR facings. These components make for an extremely durable and liteweight assembly. The #9311D is perfect for the person with a high horsepower street car or the all out race car. High torque holding capacity with minimum pedal movement will improve your reaction time. KEVLAR disk provides highest durability and smooth, consistent takeoff from the line. Also available the 2 disk 9312-2D. SFI approved.