2 or 3 Disk 7.5" Custom Slide-Loc Clutch


Triple Disk Drag Racing Clutch


The #3012 2 disk, and #3013 3 disk 7.5" Slide-Loc clutches are custom fit to your high horsepower application needs.  We Recommend our 100% Kevlar disks, a modern replacement for heavy metallic disks.  They have much lower weight and longer life.  Metallic disks are also available if desired.  Suitable for drag race, tractor pull, large diesels, bonneville, and anywhere where limited slip and high torque capacity on lockup are desired.  Much lower maintenance versus a full centrifugal clutch, with pedal control-ability. Very low rotating weight and good for 1700+ horsepower.  Smooth and consistent engagement provide quicker reaction time and lower stress on drive line components.  Call us with your application. SFI Approved.