New Clutch & Flywheel Packages for Ford Focus


New Ford Focus Clutch Packages


We are pleased to announce the availability of new ultra light clutch and flywheel packages for the popular Ford Focus.  Available in both stock appearing and 5.5" multidisk versions, these new clutch packages weigh in at less than half stock weight! Only 10 Lbs for a 2 disk 5.5" Clutch & Flywheel.  Lightweight clutches are a must to be competitive with these small high rpm motors, especially in classes where the motor cannot be modified and/or frequent gear changes take place.  Lower rotating weight not only allows better acceleration, it allows the car to slow quicker and get deeper into corners as well.  Excellent for SCCA, circle track, road course,rally car, and drag race applications.  Call us to get a clutch built for your racing application.


0511 Stock Appearing for Ford Focus9013 for Ford Focus